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Here is a map of Taksim and entrance of Istiklal Street. Directions are given assuming that you are walking through Istiklal str. from Taksim square ( ) to Tünel (Tunnel). So, when I say "right" or "left", make sure that Taksim square is on your back! I wanted to share my favourites in Beyoğlu with travellers who're interested in natives point of view.
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Beyoğlu Chocolate:
Beyoglu is famous with a special chocolate since 50's. This nostalgic chocolate is produced by a family firm Read More...

Hacı Bekir Confectioner:
Maybe the only address in the world for original lokum (Turkish delight) and akide (hard candy). This is the Read More...

İnci Pastanesi:
İnci patisserie is a classic for around 50 years serving at the same place without any branches. Read More...

Atlas Bazaar :
Atlas Pasajı (passage) is the street fashion center where you'll find Read More...

Terkos Çıkmazı:
A narrow str. with stands full of textile products. Most of them are Read More...

Cremeria Milano:
An Italian in Istanbul serving delicious gelato!


Stuffed Mussels:
Mussels filled with rice is a popular street food and generally consumed after few drinks when you feel hungry. Sold on a large tray divided into two according to size of mussels. Just stand in front to eat as much as you want and put shells inside tray. When you finish, seller counts shells and calculates bill. Is it healthy? I dont have any idea but its delicious:)

Roasted Chestnuts:
Great for cold winter days. Sold in paper bags according to weight. I don't buy pre-packed ones and ask for hot ones to get warm:)

Almond On Ice:
Sellers travel meyhanes so you'll be asked when you're enjoying rakı. It's served in a plastic plate and you've to pay cash for this. There's a special technic to peel skin easily but how can I show it here???

Sesame Ring (Simit):
I'm sure most of you heard about it as Turkish bagel. Although there're many simit houses on Istiklal str., its most well known street food in Turkey. If you've time, try with cheese and tea, a common way for breakfast.


Boncuk Restaurant (Meyhane):
Boncuk is one of many restaurants in famous Nevizade street. It's famous... Read More

Refik & Yakup 2 (Meyhane):
These two are my favorite meyhanes in Beyoğlu. I put them together because Read More...

Şampiyon Kokoreç:
Şampiyon (Champion) is the most famous address for kokoreç. If you havent heard... Read More

Kızılkayalar Hamburger:
One of the small fast food restaurants at the entrance of the Istiklal street... Read More

Umut Ocakbaşı:
Best sauced shish and hot turnip juice with moderate prices. Simply decorated... Read More

Hacı Abdullah Restaurant:
Serving traditional Ottoman cuisine since 1888 and claiming to be the oldest.. Read More

Zübeyir Ocakbaşı:
Well known grill house famous for kebaps also serving delicious mezes. Zübeyir... Read More

Sabırtaşı İçli Köfte:
What makes this restaurant "special" is the life story of Ali Bey, the owner. Read his story... Read More

Çiçek Pasajı (Flower Passage):
A historical passage full of meyhanes. Entrance is not large and maybe hard to notice when walking... Read More


Otto :
Shortly "best pizza" in town for me, cooked in a ... Read More

Rejans: **CLOSED**
A historical Ottoman-period Russian restaurant famous for... Read More

Litera Terrace:
Offers one of the best scenery of area but first you've to pass the keeper of ... Read More

Viktor Levi & Pano Wine Houses **CLOSED**
Viktor Levi and Pano are two wine houses next to each other and run by the same... Read More

Zarifi Restaurant:
Zarifi is an elite restaurant and club serving in a historical building dated back... Read More

Leb-i Derya Restaurant(s)
Leb-i Derya is a nice restaurant at the roof of a building with a unique view... Read More

360 Istanbul Restaurant
The roof of the building (Mısır Apt.) next to St.Antoine church... Read More

11 Leblon:
serving for several years but became popular after famous Turkish movie... Read More

Algeria Str. (French Str.):
Renovated narrow str. in French style. The original name is "Algeria str." but widely known as "French str." Read More...


Babylon Performance Hall :
Babylon is the most famous live performance & concert hall in the area. You... Read More

Another performance hall just like Babylon. They offer live music nearly everyday... Read More

Hayal Kahvesi :
A classic of Beyoğlu where you can listen quality rock music for over 10 years ... Read More

James Joyce Irish Pub :
Name says all. English and Irish people are frequent visitors... Read More

Asmalımescit Area:
Although I've named places up to now, it's better to put this area in one post. In last few years, this area became the heart of night life in Taksim... Read More


French Street:
Renovated narrow str. in French style. The original name... Read More

Melekler Kahvesi:
I'm sure you've enjoyed turkish coffee in Turkey somewhere but besides taste... Read More

K.V. :
General name for the cafe, bar, restaurant and meyhane in the narrow passage... Read More

Ara Cafe :
Ara Cafe is a famous one at Galatasaray square. Name comes from... Read More