Asmalımescit Area

Although I've named places up to now, it's better to put this area in one post. In last few years, this area became the heart of night life in Taksim and still spreading through surrounding streets. To locate area, go to map on top of page and find babylon pin. Square made by Sofyalı str., Asmalımescit str., Minare str. and Jurnal str. is the area we're talking about. All area is full of meyhanes, pubs or bars for every budget. Keep in mind that these streets are narrow and sometimes its not even possible to walk especially on weekends around midnight. Some of my favourites are mentioned on this blog before but to give you an idea, I'll name some others here.

Beer houses: Starting from Tunnel square side of Sofyalı str., few beer houses are lined up along street serving cheap beer where their tables make walking difficult. Well known one is badehane on the corner but beer brand, amount and prices are same for all.
Meyhane's: Most famous ones are Refik & Yakup 2 (There's no Yakup 1:) which are mentioned before but there're still good ones like Sofyalı or Rakıcı. Rakıcı is somehow differs than others as it's an art gallery at the same time where you can buy paintings on the walls if you like. I dont know how they manage but worst mezes can be found at Asmalımescit Balıkçısı next to Rakıcı. Ones that are not mentioned here are moderate ones and can be a choice if you cant find free table elsewhere.
Live music: Babylon is unique and you can check schedule at the gate. Cuba is another choice if you like latin music&dance. But maybe your best choice will be the new Nublu Istanbul, branch of famous Nublu club in NY.
Clubs: They're quiet till 11pm and packed after. Music differs from pop to electronic and bar hopping is common. To name few; Faces, Otto, Novo, Lokal are always popular. Hard to give an up-to-date list, a new club opens frequently. Simply enjoy one seems goods and if you disappoint hop to next one. Have to say that door policies are strict, men alone are not permitted and shorts & slippers are not welcomed.
Drunk Food: Lucky you! Maybe you're in the best area all over the world for this. Choices can very from street food to soup, fast food to traditionals. Tradition is tripe soup (google if you didnt hear before) which is believed to be a treatment for upset stomach. Nearest place to enjoy soup is located on oteller str. (end of asmalımescit str.) called Karadeniz Pidecisi where you can also enjoy Pide (Turkish Pizza) or traditional Turkish food. If you dont mind walking, next to Galatasaray school, a restaurant (named Çorbacı) serving only varieties of soup is available. On Istiklal str., you can find french fries, sandwiches, hamburger etc. also. You'll not ask for breakfast in the morning for sure!

UPDATE: Outdoor Seating is banned and area is not that much lively since than.

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