Stuffed Mussels:
Mussels filled with rice is a popular street food and generally consumed after few drinks when you feel hungry. Sold on a large tray divided into two according to size of mussels. Just stand in front to eat as much as you want and put shells inside tray. When you finish, seller counts shells and calculates bill. Is it healthy? I dont have any idea but its delicious:)

Roasted Chestnuts:
Great for cold winter days. Sold in paper bags according to weight. I don't buy pre-packed ones and ask for hot ones to get warm:)

Almond On Ice:
Sellers travel meyhanes so you'll be asked when you're enjoying rakı. It's served in a plastic plate and you've to pay cash for this. There's a special technic to peel skin easily but how can I show it here???

Sesame Ring (Simit):
I'm sure most of you heard about it as Turkish bagel. Although there're many simit houses on Istiklal str., its most well known street food in Turkey. If you've time, try with cheese and tea, a common way for breakfast.

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