Otto :
Shortly "best pizza" in town for me, cooked in a ... Read More

Rejans: **CLOSED**
A historical Ottoman-period Russian restaurant famous for... Read More

Litera Terrace:
Offers one of the best scenery of area but first you've to pass the keeper of ... Read More

Viktor Levi & Pano Wine Houses **CLOSED**
Viktor Levi and Pano are two wine houses next to each other and run by the same... Read More

Zarifi Restaurant:
Zarifi is an elite restaurant and club serving in a historical building dated back... Read More

Leb-i Derya Restaurant(s)
Leb-i Derya is a nice restaurant at the roof of a building with a unique view... Read More

360 Istanbul Restaurant
The roof of the building (Mısır Apt.) next to St.Antoine church... Read More

11 Leblon:
serving for several years but became popular after famous Turkish movie... Read More

Algeria Str. (French Str.):
Renovated narrow str. in French style. The original name is "Algeria str." but widely known as "French str." Read More...