Sabırtaşı İçli Köfte (Stuffed Meat balls)

What makes this restaurant "special" is the life story of Ali Bey, the owner. Read his story here before visiting this uniqe restaurant.
İçli Köfte is a special recipe from southeast of Turkey which requires experience and a well-developed hand manupulation. The basic mixture was prepared with only ground meat, fine bulgur, onions and spices. Here's a video on preparation.
He runs this restaurant together with family members but still he can be seen sitting in a chair in front of his white box stand selling içli köftes on Istiklal str. with his white and clean uniform. Restaurant is located not far from Galatasaray Square, across Yapı Kredi Bank Kazım Taşkent Art Gallery on your right. It's on the last floor (5th) of the building with a narrow entrance and a chair is available on the 3rd floor for resting :)
P.S.: Ali Bey passed in 2009 but white box is still available at its place. Rest in peace.
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