Hacı Bekir Confectioner

Maybe the only address in the world for original lokum (Turkish delight) and akide (hard candy). This is the main branch of Hacı Bekir and the original shop dated back to 1777 is in Bahcekapi, still operates today. Hacı Bekir is one of the "World's 100 oldest trademarks". The founder, Ali Muhiddin Hacı Bekir Effendi painting, by the Italian artist Preziosi now hangs in the Louvre.
Nowadays, lokum is well known by the world more due to Disney's movie "Narnia". Enjoy some while walking down the street just like me or you may prefer boxes as a gift for your relatives and friends. I advice you something more; serve lokum with Turkish coffee as some coffee shops do in Turkey.
Hacı Bekir is not far from Taksim square and on the main street you'll notice it on your left.
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passionleila said...

I agree with you Alper! I buy them from the sirkeci shop every year and every day when there!!!!