Zarifi Restaurant

Zarifi is an elite restaurant and club serving in a historical building dated back 1900, build by "Zarifi Family".
Their ethnic cuisine is unique in Istanbul. On Thursday's you can listen genuine Turkish traditional classic music from the famous group "Altın Kızlar" (Golden girls).
After midnight it's an elite club with dj performance. You definetely need to make reservations days in advance for dinner and it's almost impossible to get in around midnight for even only a few drinks. Prices are over average but that worths for this club/restaurant.
On Istiklal str., make left across benetton (büyükparmakkapı str.), at the end of this str., turn left then right.
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Miriam said...

Great work.

Leila said...

What is the best place to see Fasil music performed with dancing? I would like to see traditional fasil music and I would like to dance to it. What is the best place for that on a Friday night and a Saturday night? Thank you very much!