Litera Terrace

Offers one of the best scenery of area but first you've to pass the keeper of paradise! That means you need a reservation but just try your chance and smile at the entrance. German knowledge is a plus as Litera is located at the roof of the German Culture Center.

They've an international menu including some German classics and service is excellent. Tables are also narrow here in order to place as much as they can, opening arms over 30 degrees is not allowed for not disturbing others:) I can say, stands are better than tables. It's located across the wall of Galatasaray school, on the way to Algerian (French) str.
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Patara01 said...

We have been there for a coffee, pastry and some drinks at one afternoon, and as we had some German knowledge as well we had no problems to get a table:-)
The view over the roofs of Beyoglu and down to Changir is wonderful.
I would recommend it to everybody.