Algeria Str. (French Str.)

Renovated narrow str. in French style. The original name is "Algeria str." but widely known as "French str." (what a paradox:) for theme. This street is full of cafés, bars, restaurants and art centers. The street is at the back of Galatasaray School, so pass school and turn left (open for vehicles). Walk down few meters and will notice it on your left, parallel to this str. I advice a visit in summer but they have heaters on the street allow the open areas to be used even on cold days.
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Emma said...

I know fransiz sk, the mayor of Paris offered the stones , the lights and the heaters, that's why they call it now fransiz instead of cezair sk.People of Cezair were very unhappy about it.Paradoxe, you said?

Alper said...

This year, there's an unusual large street sign at the entrance of street mentioning that its "CEZAYİR str." :)