Rejans is a historical Ottoman-period Russian restaurant famous for lemon vodka. This restaurant was originally founded by white Russians who relocated to Istanbul after the revolution. Rejans was also well known as one of Kemal Atatürk’s favourite places to dine when he visited the city. The menu here is no longer exceptionally Russian, but the place still has loads of charm. The decoration remained unchanged since the 1930s. The doorman will hang your coat on a personalised hook, which has been engraved with the names of long-dead customers.

Rejans is in Galatasaray area, on your right. You may get their address and phone from the link at the bottom.
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Anastassiya said...

Who are 'white Russians'?

musicshare said...
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Anonymous said...

White Russians supported the Tsar during the Russian revolution and fought against the communists (the Reds). Obviously they lost.