Melekler Kahvesi (Angels Cafe)

I'm sure you've enjoyed turkish coffee in Turkey somewhere but besides taste, turkish coffee is commonly used for fortune telling. It's called "fal" and it involves reading one's future based on coffee grinds left in one's cup after drinking. Melekler Kahvesi (Angels Cafe) is the first cafe serving fortune telling service than many cafes on the same street followed. This street (Ayhan Isık str.) is commonly called "fal street" than.
It's a free service and created famous coffe cup readers with fans. When you finish your coffee, cover your cup with the saucer then turn it upside down and wait few minutes to cool. Than the coffee cup reader will take your cup and tell you future looking at the shapes inside your cup. An example is here (right picture) telling visitors of this blog that "you'll visit a big city with mosques all around and sea passing through it!
Melekler kahvesi is serving food and variety of drinks also. Besides internet access available and you may play games like taboo or backgammon.
On the Istiklal street, you'll notice "Garanti Bank" on your left, turn to this street and walk few meters. You'll notice cafes on this street and Melekler Kahvesi, on your right. A commercial on this cafe is here.
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lee woo said...

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Lea Ori said...

Hello, I'm just about to visit Istanbul and I'd like to know how much coffee reading costs? I found a website before and it was like 400dollars,was than an exception or generally it's expensive?

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