Beyoglu Chocolate

Beyoglu is famous with a special chocolate since 50's. This nostalgic chocolate is produced by a family firm "Zambo" and told that it has a secret formula. They are sold with a silver pack or without packing.

You can find this chocolate at most of the kiosks on Istiklal str., but the most famous kiosk is opposite to Benetton, on your left.
On map:


Patara01 said...

When we are in Istanbul we always go to this kiosk and buy some (a lot of) chocolate for us and as gift.
It is a very originally, pure chocolate with out any modern nick-nack.

Στέλιος said...

Nostalji Cikolatasi! They have delicious chocolate bars there! Yammm! WWW.EISTINPOLIN.WORDPRESS.COM

Anonymous said...

hi Alper, never seen this kiosk! I will try it next time as I am a big chocolate eater!

Anonymous said...

Are you the same guy on VT , haven`t noticed you on the Istanbul forums there for a long while .