Refik & Yakup 2 Meyhane

These two are my favorite meyhanes in Beyoğlu. I put them together because Yakup is the cousin of Refik. Refik Aslan opened his Meyhane at Tünel Sofyalı Str. in 1954 and still run the place with his son. Refik offers Turkish dishes during lunchtime and serves as meyhane (meze house) at night. One of the oldest and popular meyhane in area and reservation is required for weekend.

Yakup 2 Meyhanesi: Yakup Aslan is serving in his place for 27 years. It is famous for special hot mezes. My favorite meze is Arnavut ciğeri (fried liver). Needless to say, drink Rakı at both of them. On the Istiklal str., closed to Tunnel square, find Asmalı Mescit str. (a narrow street) on your right. Go straight for Yakup 2 or turn left for Refik.

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TheTurkishBrit said...

Hey! Not fair! Now it's gonna be harder for us "locals" to get a table at two of the cities best meyhane!

Dennis said...

Alper, thanks for an excellent blog in general, and specifically for all of your suggestions -- including these. Would LOVE to take you up on your offer of a reservation! Will be in Istanbul from 11-24 April 2007 (and staying in Galata beginning 16 April, moving over from Sultanahmet @Hotel Empress Zoe).

denholt (from TA)

Anonymous said...

Alp, I'd love if you could get me reservation as well, we'll be in Istanbul (with my boyfriend) from 26th December up until the 1st January when we leave in the evening.
I'd be PERFECT if you could get us a table for the 27th December in the evening (any time is ok), and if i were picky I'd love the older restaurant, but any of the two would do.
My email is: julietamolina76 (at) yahoo .com .ar

Thanks ever SO MUCH
Julieta (from Trip Adv.)

Anonymous said...

Your mail is not working:( But you dont need reservation on a thursday night.

Anonymous said...

I had Arnavut cigeri twice in one evening,my absolutely favourite, it was just delicious.
If I had read this contribution before I would have asked you for a reservation, we got nearly the last table.

Anonymous said...

Can you get us a reservation for Friday night Feb 6th at 8ish.

Anonymous said...

Done. At both restaurants, best 2 tables are reserved for anonymous:))

Alexandra said...

We're visiting Istanbul this weekend and we're very keen to try local authentic food.
Please could you kindly make a reservation at Refik for 4 people on Sat 11th April?? I would apprecitate that SO much.
Thank you!

Strawberry Sunshine said...

I love your blog> it's been so helpful. I haven't even had the urge to go out and by a travel book.
Can you make a reservation for me too? For me and my husband on the 3rd of Jan at 8:00pm