Inci Pastanesi

İnci patisserie is a classic for around 50 years serving at the same place without any branches.
This historical patisserie is famous for it's profiterole. You will taste worlds most delicious profiterole here. Don' miss!
Place is always crowded and has few tables so you may taste profiterole standing.
Walking along the Istiklal str. , you'll see it on your right. (No:124)
On map:


TheTurkishBrit said...

This guy knows his food. First time I tried the profiteroles I thought I had died and gone to heaven.... 12 years on they are still as good and I drive 20 km to enjoy them now!

Hatice said...

best profiteroles I had in my life, once you taste this one, others will be so plain !!!

Julia Cooke said...

Its the patisserie in Orhan Pamuk's Museum of Innocence. I had no idea it still existed. I will visit it very soon. I love your blog very much.